The Hills Fill My Heart

20″ x 16″ $480

Have you ever experienced the sheer delight of hiking in an alpine meadow? I always feel great excitement and anticipation for the view that awaits me at the end of the trail. Breathing in the fresh mountain air whispering through the wide-open space while taking in the often stunning and inspiring 360 degrees view is indescribable and rarely disappoints.

My first trip to Cameron Ridge definitely exceeded my expectations and the late blooming alpine flowers were an unexpected bonus. The entire time we were exploring the alpine and drinking in the view I could not get the lyrics from The Sound of Music out of my head. I may have even twirled like Julie Andrews in my backpack and hiking boots, arms outstretched singing a line or two!

The Hills Fill My Heart was juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists Central Interior Chapter show, In Light of Self in 2021.

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